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ConeWorld: The lyrics

'During an interview, Roberto Perrone at BBC Three Counties radio challenged me to write a song about the roadworks on the M1.  Driving home after the interview, the concept of how the Martians would view us on Earth, driving for miles in queues through roadworks on the M1 - other motorways are available ;-) - popped into my head.  I pulled over and scribbled the words down for 'ConeWorld' there and then.

The backgound to ConeWorld

When the Martians refer to Earth they call it ConeWorld -
No longer blue and green, we are now orange and white.
And they think we live in little metal boxes with wheels on,
In long lines three abreast.  Surely it’s not right.

Now you know that really this is called the motorway.
Numbers distinguish one route from another, they say.
But whether you travel on the 1 or 25, the result is
That you will not move much anyway.

For the roadworks make your vehicle stationary.
It is bad enough for the 9 to 5ers at tea
But spare just a thought for those who entertain you
On Saturday nights, when they close the M1 completely.

                                                                               Avelia Moisey