Interesting Times

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Interesting Times: The lyrics

I love Terry Pratchett’s books … they make me laugh out loud.  I even had to ban myself from reading them in the band when I was in Cats on tour, because I couldn’t stop myself spontaneously laughing out loud, and the mics were on for the show! 
One phrase that always stuck in my mind was “May you live in Interesting Times”, used as a curse.  When my life was imploding, that phrase went through my head ... a lot!  So the song 'Interesting Times' had to be written, about my life at the time, but also in tribute to Terry Pratchett.
The fact that he later suffered from Alzheimer’s and was so vocal about the need for more support and research for sufferers, as well as immediately giving a million quid to the cause, endeared me to him more than ever, as my Mum suffered from that vicious disease for over 10 years.

The backgound to Interesting Times

Feels like I’m living in a book by Terry Pratchett
And I know that it’s no easy thing to do
I’m tired of scraping by
All I seem to do is try
To survive
I’ve had enough of living in Interesting Times

There must be a big plan if only I could catch it
I guess Unseen University sees it through
In the streets of Ankh Morpork
I’d be bound to take a walk
To trouble
I always seem to be plagued by The Thief of Time

When the sun arose this morning, I could tell that
Like me it did not feel ‘twas worth all the effort
But perhaps it’s worth a go
Because you just never know
What’s coming
I’m really hoping I can trip The Light Fantastic

Avelia Moisey