So I was going through a terrible time, but one day when the weather was good, and Iā€™d dropped my daughter off at school, I strapped my son into the bike seat behind me and went for a bike ride through local villages.  As I was feeling the wind blow my mind clearer, and the adrenalin started to flow, I began to feel good, and a tune just popped into my head.  I really liked it, but had no means of writing it down, and knew that by the time I got home and had got my son settled etc., I would likely have forgotten it.  Suddenly I had a brainwave ā€“ I pulled out my mobile phone, rang my house phone, and sang the tune ā€¦ to my answering machine!  Perfect solution ā€“ 'Just Contented' was preserved and I could write it down at leisure when I arrived home!  It is still one of my favourite tunes, and won me a Semi Finalist certificate at the UK Songwriting Contest in 2016.

Just Contented (Instrumental)

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The backgound to Just Contented