Luton Airport

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Luton Airport: The lyrics

We moved out of London to a peaceful village in Buckinghamshire when my daughter was 18 months old – the concrete back yard in my London home had suddenly not seemed such a great idea once she had started trying to walk (visions of her head connecting with sharp corners when she fell). 
Not long after arriving in the village, Luton airport started making noises about wanting to expand, including re-routing planes right over our heads.  In the end it didn’t happen (over our village at least) but not what I’d left London for!  Writing the song 'Luton Airport' was the only weapon at my disposal.  Having expanded considerably, the airport is now planning even more expansion, and we sometimes have planes flying directly overhead, so sadly this song is still relevant.
"Big George" Webley was so impressed that anyone could write a song about Luton airport, that he sent it to his mate Roberto Perrone at BBC Three Counties radio.  Roberto promptly rang me up and had me on his programme.  During the interview, he commented on how unlikely a subject this was, and challenged me to write a song about the roadworks on the M1.  He said if I did it, he’d have me back on the programme.  I wrote most of it on the way home from the interview, and was back with him a week later, having recorded 'ConeWorld'!

The backgound to Luton Airport

Luton Airport - why d’you want to expand?
Don’t you know that at your
Current size you are just perfectly grand
Besides which
We love our skies quiet
Us villagers don’t want a fight
But we don’t want you to come and pollute our skies

We would rather fly from Luton today
It’s a good experience
To go there without fear of affray
Who’d want to use Heathrow?
It’s far too big and hectic, and so
We’d like you to reconsider your plans.

                                                                               Avelia Moisey