Why Trumpet?

"Well my Mum told me when I was little that I would never be able to make a noise on a trumpet because she couldn't!! Well that was a red rag to a bull although I can't have been more than 4 or 5 at the time.  

I didn't get my hands on a trumpet until I was 12, but I never forgot that inadvertent challenge"
 Avelia is a freelance, professional trumpet player with a broad range of experience, and eclectic musical tastes, including Classical, Jazz, Calypso, Funk, South African, Latin, Soul, Musicals and much more.  She has played in many West End shows (e.g. Jolson, Calamity Jane, Cats, Starlight Express), and toured with Marti Webb, and Jane McDonald. 

Past enterprises have included the band No Problem (funk/jazz fusion), and The Little Big Band - a jazz duo with keyboard player Bruce Boardman, in which Avelia sang as well as playing trumpet & flugelhorn
Currently Avelia offers entertainment as a solo act, singing and playing trumpet to backing tracks  
(thanks to modern technology!);  
but also loves any opportunity which allows her to work with other musicians, 
whether her own band line-up or playing for someone else
It's great to know I can just show up and do a gig on my own.  

But ultimately, nothing beats the camaraderie and excitement
of playing with other musicians" 

"Some of the most exciting gigs are when you and one or more
 of the other band members are magically on exactly the same wavelength
 and spend the whole gig 'playing off' each other.
 That's when the gig really takes off and the music flows and becomes something more.
Nothing beats that."
Initially from a classical background, having studied at the Royal Academy of Music, Avelia has always delighted in performing trumpet and piano recitals, tours and recordings with her brother, Alvin Moisey, including giving the World Premiere of Sonata for Trumpet & Piano by Ian Hughes at the International Trumpet Guild Conference in Manchester, 2002
But girls don't/can't play trumpet 

 "Oh really? I grew up hearing that comment constantly.
There are great women trumpet players, in England - Anne McAneney & Kate Moore for a start, as well as Alison Balsam; then Laurie Frink, Susan Slaughter and Liesl Whittaker in the USA"
2012 saw the premiere of the 2-woman show
Ifs, Buts & Babies
, (www.ifsbutsandbabies.com)  

co-written and performed  by Avelia Moisey and Jill Neenan 

This was a complete departure, requiring both performers to sing, dance & act.  The show toured the UK and was very well received including show-stopping laughter from audiences at every venue,  

the tag line for the show being "the delights, dilemmas and disasters ..." [of being a parent]

Avelia also teaches. Click here for details

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