Avelia teaches students from 8 to 86 years old, and with a wide range of abilities, from total beginners through to        Grade 8, Diploma level and beyond. 

Contact Avelia to arrange your first lesson trumpet@avelia.co.uk / 07976 299394 

Technical issues are addressed as a means to enable students to play music expressively, and in a variety of styles/genres.   
To achieve full potential, all students should plan to practise regularly between lessons. 
Those wishing to take exams can be entered for ABRSM, including jazz exams; or Trinity 

Lessons are organised on a pay-as-you-go basis (it is possible to pay ahead for a block of lessons if preferred) 
Please note - there is a requirement for only 24 hours minimum notice to cancel a booked lesson, but no further notice period of any kind
Total beginners are always welcome, adults and children alike.  Many adults realise that they wish they had learned to play an instrument earlier in life ... it is never too late to start!    
Enthusiasm and interest, along with willingness to learn are the main prerequisites for learning any instrument.   

It is advisable for total beginners not to try playing the instrument at home before the first lesson.  Learning the correct hold & blowing technique from the start reduces the chance of developing bad habits which would then need to be un-learned later. 

Students should aim to practice daily - in the early stages just 10-15 minutes at a time is plenty.  

Other associated costs - instrument purchase; music books 
It is preferable to discuss which book(s) to buy before making any purchase.  However Avelia will always aim to work with any books a student already has in the first instance, if possible. 
Regarding purchase of an instrument, it is advisable to find a teacher first, and ask advice.  Be wary of buying from unknown sellers (e.g. online) as one can't always be sure the instrument will be of sufficiently good quality.
Notes for Beginners
Notes for Theory Students
By the time most students decide to work towards the Grade 5 Theory exam, they will have picked up quite a lot of information naturally, during the process of learning their instrument, so it is often a case of filling in any gaps in the knowledge required for the first few grades.  As each grade builds on the previous one, it is necessary to ensure all material has been thoroughly covered, although it is not a requirement to take the earlier exams. 

Lessons are individual, so each student moves through the material at their own pace, and can be entered for the exam when they are ready.  (There are just 3 exam dates per year - in March, June and November) 

Hour-long lessons are recommended in order to have sufficient time for explanation of new concepts.  Homework is always given, to be completed before the next lesson
Taking Exams
There are 3 exam sessions per year, towards the end of each school term.   

The entry date is very near the beginning of the term in which the exam will be taken.    

Students are entered for exams whenever they are ready ... if they wish to take this route.  It may be possible to skip certain exams, e.g. if a student's playing suddenly improves substantially. 

The material will all have been introduced during the previous term, so that after the entry form has been sent, the next couple of months will be spent improving and perfecting up till exam day. 

There are extra costs to be taken into consideration, along with lesson fees:-   

exam fee (set by the Boards and depending on the grade) - payable with the entry form 

accompanist's fee (brass instrument exams only) - to be agreed with the individual accompanist 

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