Thinking of You

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Thinking of You :The lyrics

'Thinking of You' was written initially as an instrumental, which I recorded a long time ago with my band No Problem.  I was thinking about my Dad, who died a couple of weeks after a car crash having been hit by a very drunk driver, just a few weeks before my 4th birthday.  I have always missed him.  I know we were very close, but can remember very little about him, sadly, since I was so young at the time. 
I always wanted the song to have words, but it took many years for me to be able to write them.  The words eventually came to me around the time I wrote the other songs on the album “From the Shadows” – my life was such a mess at that time but somehow it became easier to pour out my grief about losing my Dad. 

The backgound to Thinking of You

Thinking of you I could cry - I miss you
How could you leave me
When I was so young and defenceless
We were once a normal family
Enjoying life
When I was small you were
The only man in my life
Who mattered at all
And you left me
Now I don’t believe I
Know how to hold love
In my life
Thinking of you all my life – I miss you
I needed you by my side
Helping me all along through the bad times
I would have had such a different life
If you’d been there
I can’t believe how accidents
Destroy innocent lives
I love you so much 
I just wish …
We could share the good times
Thinking of you
I love you
                                                                        Avelia Mois