Transcending the Blues

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Transcending the Blues: The lyrics

'Transcending the Blues' was written as I was sitting in the garden one beautiful warm evening in June … amongst the mayhem of the kids’ dad leaving.  He was out, the kids were in bed, and I sat there and took deep breaths to try and calm myself.  It was such a balmy evening, and peace descended, hence the first lines of the song.

The backgound to Transcending the Blues

I sit in peace
In the June twilight
Listening to the birds as they sing

And there’s the sunset clouds
Come to brighten up
My hour of solitude

And then I know that there’s
A power above us
As a song flows despite myself

Looking at those gorgeous hues
I can transcend the blues
For I know I have the power to choose

                                                                               Avelia Moisey