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Avelia writes, records & performs trumpet and vocal music, under a rainbow of jazz & other musical influences, sharing her take on life to connect with her audience.
A professional trumpet player, who has always loved to sing, Avelia now combines the two … and has added songwriting into the bargain.  She thrives on the diversity of genres that she has performed – from a basis of classical music, followed by jazz, and on to soca, Latin, funk, South African township, function bands – and these naturally influence her writing. 

Avelia was delighted with the headline “Avelia Moisey is Authentic Originality” in an interview by Debbie Burke, jazz author, in 2021.
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“Trumpet is what I do – it is a part of me.
Singing has always been with me.
Songwriting … I wished I could but thought only “others” did.

It’s taken a while, but in the last few years I’ve discovered that songwriting is something I can do, and enjoy … and other people like the result, which is even better!”
Avelia’s latest singles

“Inspire Me (Boom Boom Ba)” -  released 19/11/21.  A cheerful & uplifting song, even whilst acknowledging the past 18 months.

“A Musician’s Plight”- released 15/10/21.  Addresses the effect of the pandemic on musicians’ life and income. 

“From the Shadows” – her first solo CD, released in November 2019 – was named to signify Avelia emerging from the (band) pit of many, many shows (West End & on tour) into her own space. 
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